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GSET Company was founded to provide service in fields such as GPS, GIS, and RS and designing relevant hardware and software. The Expertise of the firm's team is rooted in years of strong academic research and teaching. Relying on the high-skilled personnel and managers, years of experience in the field of Geomatics Engineering and its pertinent fields, and company's softwares and hardwares, GSET is progressive company in its field in Iran.GSET is an active member of Association of Science and Technology Parks of Iran. In addition to that GSET holds the Certificate of Accredited Consulting Engineers the most respected credential in engineering consulting in Iran. All the products of company including (GPS-ITS & GIS Base Softwares) is branded with GSET logo. The system determines coordinates of your position using GPS satellites and sends it to specific centers through telecommunication and radio connection. You can control,supervise and Optimize your automotives directory by using the system on public transportation fleet ( Taxi service,Relief cars,Emergency,Police and Tourism patrols etc).


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GSET is an active member of Association of Science and Technology Parks of Iran ...

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Map guide software on cellphone is at your disposal with yazd city map ...


Geo Spectrum Engineering & Technology

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